Day Events & Special Events


Manna Days are offered at Crieff Hills three times a year in February, May and October.   Anyone looking for a midweek day of learning and fellowship, and a delicious home cooked lunch is welcome. The cost for each Manna Day is $25 and can be paid at the door, as long as you pre-register.  Manna days are from 10:30am until 3pm.  Topics are varied, relating to faith, today's church and the world around us.


A Music Ministry Conference is offered each year in June.


Bluebird trail walks, Nature Hikes and Bird Banding days are held at Crieff Hills each spring and fall.


Spiritual Growth Workshops ("A Taste of Jubilee" day events) are offered in partnership with Ontario Jubilee.


Christmas Luncheon Buffets are offered weekdays in mid-December.


Please join us for one of our Upcoming Events:

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Manna Day - Thursday February 15th 2018 (10:30 - 3:00) - The Canon of Nature: Lessons from the Beeyard - Rev. Linda Patton-Cowie


A Taste of Jubilee - Monday February 26th 2018 (9:30 am- 4:00pm) - In a busy world ... Jubilee offers Sabbath - Leadership offered by Ontario Jubilee


Manna Day -  Thursday May 24,  2018 - Dr. Derek Schuurman “Faith, Technology and Responsible Automation"


Music Ministry Conference - Friday June 1, 2018


Manna Day - Thursday,October 11, 2018 - Rev. Dr. Clyde Ervine "Good News at Your Fingertips"