Naturally Speaking with Marion Robertson


Marion Robertson is a busy lady year round at her Native Tree nursery just down the road from Crieff.  Marion, her husband Rick and their two teenage children, Sara and David are  familiar faces at Crieff.  Together they teach and encourage the Crieff Hills staff and guests they come in contact with about the world surrounding us.  Marion also writes for the local Newspaper, the Puslinch Pioneer.  Whether on Pollinator plants, Native Carolinian Trees, Bluebirds, Endangered Butterflies or Bees, Marion's articles and website are full of information ( )

We sharesome of these with you and hope you will be inspired.


Naturally Speaking January 2018 - Bluebirds in January


 Naturally Speaking January 2017 - Hayfields and Grassland Birds

Naturally Speaking March 2017 - Going to the Birds

Naturally Speaking April 2017 - Protect the Pollinators

Naturally Speaking May 2017 - This and That



Naturally Speaking January 2016 - A Pivotal Year at Crieff Hills

Naturally Speaking April 2016 - Predicament of the Kentucky Coffee Tree

Naturally Speaking May 2016 - Heritage Trees

Naturally Speaking August 2016 - Eco Project at Crieff Hills

Naturally Speaking September 2016 - Giant Swallowtail

Naturally Speaking October 2016 - Restoration Project

Naturally Speaking November 2016 - Buckfast Bees


Naturally Speaking December 2015 - American Elm