​Church Administrators Conference


May 14th - 16th 2018

Cost: $255.00 double room, $335.00 single room, $205.00 commuter


A Conference FOR Church Administrators designed BY Church Administrators


This Conference is designed to support Church Administrators. Whether full or part time administrators, this conference is a chance to come together with others from various denominations who share and  understand this special position.  It is a time to listen and to share, as well as to gain insight into new  situations and learn new skills. Between sessions there is time for fellowship, reflection or to hike the beautiful grounds.



Ruth Coghill on Women of Worth 

In a world where depression is on the rise and despair rampant, Ruth opens up Psalm 139 to provide God's truths to come against the lies that keep us from our godly potential.  This workshop emphasizes principles based on the twenty four verses of the psalm and when applied, will strengthen your self worth, deepen your love for God and His Word and encourage you that God is holding you in His right hand no matter what.


Wayne Sankarlal on Excel - Tools and Techniques to Make Life Easier

Join us for an entertaining and engaging look at Microsoft Excel!  During the session you will learn techniques to get the most use from the tools available in Excel.  Using a scenario-based approach some of the more familiar work challenges for Church Administrators will be addressed.


Julie Stobbe on 'From Unorganized to Unstoppable'

The session will look at how to reduce clutter in a workspace, how to design a workspace to be more efficient, how to manage paper, filing and email, in order to become more productive.  Also examined will be the concept of an 'Active Office' and its health benefits.


Paul Racher on Truth and Reconcilliation: An Archaeological and Historical Perspective

A quote from Paul: "We archaeologists and historians know about Indigenous culture and history.  We know how exciting it was.  We know the contributions made by the First Nations and we know the ways in which they have suffered.  Because of that, it behooves us to go out and spread the word; to tell people the stories of what happened and to explain why it is important to make amends."


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